Management of Infrastructure.

The Centre of excellence for tracks provides expertise, tests innovative technologies and acquires expert knowledge in the rail track field. As a reliable and cost-conscious partner, we support you in evaluating rail track components and in implementing operational testing and approval processes for new rail track products, as well as in compiling the required documentation.

Evaluating the appropriate use of technology
We support our customers in evaluating new technologies and their impact on technical network access. We offer advice about ensuring the interoperability of international corridors.

Using a wide range of contacts
Thanks to our wide experience, we have a network of suppliers, universities and other rail operators at our disposal. Long-standing contacts with regulators allow us to assist you in conducting operational testing as well as in approval processes for new rail track products.

Managing products optimally
Together with you, we evaluate the opportunities for new rail track components, test them for the potential to reduce life cycle costs and make recommendations for practical use on the track.

Developing measurable standards
We support our customers in renewing and revising accurate, comprehensible rail track regulations (such as RTE), as well as in analysing the technical and financial implications of new regulations or technical standards as part of the consultation process.

Compiling reliable documentation
We support you in compiling control plans and defect lists to be used as a basis for the systematic implementation of rail track inspections. We also provide you with reliable network status documentation, including future development projections.