Training and Advanced Qualification.

The Centre of excellence for tracks provides expertise, tests innovative technologies and acquires expert knowledge in the rail track field. As a reliable and cost-conscious partner, we support you in project management, analytics, LCC calculations and analyses.

Managing construction projects expertly and effectively
We support our customers in construction project management, specifically in ensuring that requirements are met in terms of quality, costs and deadlines. We prepare expert assessments and second opinions in the form of reports on system specifications, projects and planning approval documents.

Checking the safety of equipment and projects
We organize and manage safety audits of rail track projects and systems based on the expert directive of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

Extensive support for competitive bidding
We provide you with support for engineering and railway works submissions. We advise you on tendering procedures. We support you in preparing standardized submission documents, such as general contract terms, award and selection criteria, and specifications.

Running projects on time
As part of project planning, we will assist you in the preparation of system specifications. We work together with you to compile optimized LCC requirements. We handle track recordings, centre line calculations and area delimitation operations on your behalf so as to ensure that you have measurement bases for new and modified systems.

Indicators as a basis for comparison
We prepare figures on the optimization of construction and maintenance activities for our customers. These enable you to compare different standards with those of other companies, as well as over time. We use this comparison as a sound basis for showing you the optimization options that are available for your projects.

Behaving cost-consciously and economically
We perform cost analyses for our customers in the assessment of tenders and cost estimates. In our LCC calculations we use our years of experience as a basis when considering the overall system perspective over the life cycle, from the concept phase to the disposal of systems and system components. Our assessments and recommendations are designed to support your decisions.