The Company.

A rail track is more than rails, ballast and sleepers: a rail track is of the highest importance for stakeholders in terms of safety and costs. Careful maintenance and further development of the product is of the utmost importance for the rail landscape in Switzerland.

Broad experience for a broad area of responsibility
Our core business is the provision of unbiased and independent expert advice and consultancy services. We are at the disposal of rail operators, siding owners and engineering firms as a source of knowledge and an experienced partner in providing support in the documentation of solutions, project planning and preparation, and life cycle and product management. We act as experts and as a client representative on your behalf. Our employees are proven rail track experts. Many years of experience, a broad practical background and the courage to find new solutions and innovative applications are the factors that set us apart.

The Centre of excellence for tracks is an independent subsidiary of BLS Ltd and Schweizerische Südostbahn.